Skin tags refer to tiny growths that hang from the skin, and have an uncanny resemblance to warts. They are, in fact, very common among many people. While they may look painful, they are harmless and many people feel okay living with them. For some people however, they are a source of discomfort, hence the need to get a solution.Skin tags may range from a couple of millimeters up to 5 cm in size, and will usually be found in the neck region, under the breasts as well as in the groin area. Some people will get skin tags on the eyelids too.

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Skin tags can develop in anyone, but elderly people are more predisposed to getting them. The tags have a tendency to grow in places where there’s skin-to-skin friction. This explains, in part, why skin tags are also prevalent among obese persons. In many cases, simple home remedies are able to reduce the appearance of skin tags.

When the tags are a source of pain however, it is important to get medical attention. Your doctor may recommend cosmetic surgical intervention depending on the specifics. For small skin tags, you can always use some of the natural home remedies listed below. These remedies have the advantage of been less invasive with better results albeit after an extended period of time.

NOTE: For each of the remedies below, make sure that you clean your hands with soap and warm water before drying and then applying your preferred remedy. If you are in doubt of any of the natural treatment options, remember to consult your doctor for professional advice.

1. Tea Tree Oil:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: Tea tree oil, dropper, cotton wool and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Tea tree oil is one of the most popular home remedies for the treatment of different skin conditions. The oil’s acidic properties, when used for treating skin tags, helps dry out the hanging skin. Regular use over a period of time allows the tag to fall on its own, usually a pain-free process. Add to this the oil’s antiseptic properties that help protect the skin once the tag falls, and it is easy to see why this remedy is preferred. Follow the directions below to use this remedy effectively.

NOTE: If you have sensitive skin, you need to dilute the tea tree oil using an equal amount of water prior to application. Secondly, tea tree oil must NEVER be ingested as it is toxic to the body’s internal organs.


  1. Soak the cotton wool in the water and squeeze to get rid of the excess water.
  2. Place a few drops of the tea tree oil on the wet cotton wool and then rub gently on the skin tag. If you have sensitive skin, add 3 drops of water for dilution purposes.
  3. Massage the tag in gentle circular motions.
  4. Leave the oil mixture on the skin. Use this remedy thrice daily until the skin tag finally dries on its own.


2. Frankincense Essential Oil:

Time Required: 15 Min
What You Need: Frankincense essential oil, dropper as well as cotton wool.
Difficulty: Easy


Frankincense essential oil is recommended for the natural treatment of skin tags as it helps dry out the hanging skin. Consistent use over a period of time allows the tag to fall off on its own. This is usually pain-free, and is a seamless way to get rid of the benign growths. Note, however, that if you have sensitive skin, you need to dilute the oil in order to reduce its potency.


  1. Place 3 drops of the oil directly on the skin tag.
  2. Use some cotton wool to massage the oil in.
  3. Allow the oil to dry.
  4. Use this remedy twice daily for best results in eliminating skin tags.


3. Raw Garlic:

Time Required: 15 Min
What You Need: 3 Garlic cloves, pestle and mortar, bandage and warm water. A pinch of salt (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Raw garlic is one of the most potent home remedies available. When used to treat skin tags, the cloves of this pungent herb are known to shrink the tags naturally and in a non-invasive manner that makes them preferred to other options available. Use fresh garlic. For this remedy you will need a bandage to hold the remedy in place. The remedy is left on the skin tag overnight for best results. As with most natural remedies, you need to be consistent for you to get great results.

NOTE: Due to its sharp aroma, this remedy is not recommended for skin tags on the eyelids.


  1. Peel the garlic cloves and wash well before chopping into pieces.
  2. Use a pestle and mortar to crush the chopped garlic. The idea is to get a paste which is easy to apply. You may add a pinch of salt to simplify this process.
  3. Once you have a paste-like substance, scoop a generous amount and apply on the skin tag.
  4. Place the bandage on top of the paste and cover.
  5. Leave the remedy on overnight.
  6. The next day, rinse the skin with warm water.
  7. Use this remedy daily until the skin tag eventually falls off on its own.


4. Castor Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: 2 Tablespoons of castor oil, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 3 drops of peppermint oil, bandage and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Castor oil is an effective home remedy for the elimination of skin tags without scarring the skin. This is because it is rich in compounds that help shrink unusual benign growths found on the skin. The oil also has the advantage of nourishing the skin, offering double benefits for better results. With minimal side effects, this is the go-to remedy for you whenever you need to get rid of skin tags. Baking soda on the other hand, plays an exfoliation role and helps get rid of dead skin cells so that the tags fall off rather easily. Peppermint oil has a soothing effect on the skin, hence its addition to the remedy.


  1. Mix the castor oil with the baking soda to get a paste. The mixture may feel effervescent, but this is due to the presence of the baking soda.
  2. Add 3 drops of the peppermint oil and mix well.
  3. Apply some of the paste on the skin tag so that it is entirely covered.
  4. Place a bandage on the skin tag and leave it overnight for the remedy to act.
  5. Wash it off the next morning and apply an ideal skin moisturizer.
  6. To compliment the remedy’s healing properties, you can apply the castor oil on its own severally during the day.
  7. This works amazingly well when you are in a rush as all you need to do is dab some oil and get going.


5. Thin String:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: A thin string (length depends on the number of skin tags you would like to get rid of). You may also use dental floss in place of the thin string.
Difficulty: Easy


If you do not mind a little pain, then this simple home remedy is your ideal way of getting rid of skin tags. The logic behind the use of a thin string is to cut off oxygen supply from the hanging skin so that after a few dies, the tag shrinks, dries and falls off on its own due to lack of blood circulation. This remedy does cause pain at the site of the tag. Some people will suffer skin irritation of the surrounding region. These are two of the key challenges when using this remedy. On the flip side, this is one of the quickest ways to get rid of skin tags, usually after a couple of days.

NOTE: A point of caution for the use of a thin string to get rid of skin tags is that it is discouraged for the use of big skin tags as there is always the possibility of bleeding.


  1. Tie the thin string around the skin tag tightly. Dental floss will work just as well.
  2. Let the string remain in place for a few days. On each of the days, you can tie it a little more tightly than it was the previous day.
  3. Once the tag eventually shrinks and dries, give it a day or two before it falls off.
  4. Over the course of the treatment period, watch for signs of irritation such as swelling, irritation and bleeding.
  5. In the event that you get any complications, get medical attention immediately.


6. Vitamin E Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: Vitamin E capsules and bandage.
Difficulty: Easy


Vitamin E is one of the most basic requirements for your skin’s health. This is why it is recommended for the treatment of skin tags. When used regularly, the oil allows for the tag to fall off and the new skin to regenerate with ease. You will need Vitamin E capsules for this purpose, and a bandage to seal the oil in.


  1. Pierce the Vitamin E capsule in order to release the oil.
  2. Apply a layer of the oil on the skin tag, and massage carefully.
  3. Cover the oily patch with a bandage and let it remain that way overnight.
  4. Remove the bandage the next day and repeat steps 1-3.
  5. Do this at least twice daily for a week until you notice an improvement.


7. Oregano Oil:

Time Required: 45 Min
What You Need: 2 Drops of oregano oil, 4 drops of coconut oil, warm water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Oregano oil is yet another ideal remedy for the natural treatment of skin tags. The oil, just like its counterpart Frankincense, works by drying the skin tag and eventually leading to its falling off. Oregano also has great antiseptic properties that help cleanse the skin and prevent infections. Coconut oil is added to this remedy as a carrier oil. In addition to dilution, it is preferred because of its healing properties as well as its health benefits for the skin. You will need to use this remedy for about a month for positive results.
NOTE: This remedy must not be used for treating skin tags on the eyelids as this can easily cause eye damage.


  1. Mix the oregano and coconut oils well before applying the mixture on the skin tag.
  2. Let the mixture air dry before rinsing with warm water.
  3. Use this remedy thrice daily until the skin tag dries and drops.


8. Lemon Juice:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: 1/2 Fresh lemon and cotton wool.
Difficulty: Easy


Lemon juice is a potent antiseptic that works by drying the skin tags. When applied regularly over a period of time, the presence of citric acid in the juice degrades the skin cells. You will need half a lemon for this remedy.
NOTE: Avoid going out in the sun to avoid getting a tan from the use of the lemon juice.


  1. Squeeze the half lemon and collect the juice in a cup.
  2. Take the cotton wool and pour the juice over it.
  3. Dab the wet cotton wool on the skin tag and let it air dry – do not rinse it off.
  4. Repeat this routine until the skin tag drops on its own.


Skin tags can easily be dealt with using any of the home remedies listed above. Make sure you follow the notes of caution provided to guide the application process and avoid potential complications arising from remedy misuse. If in doubt, consult your doctor immediately.