Creatinine is an important indicator of the health of one’s kidneys. This is because it is a chemical compound whose levels are a reflection of the functioning of the kidneys. High levels of creatinine show that the kidneys are not performing optimally.

As a general guide, the normal concentration of creatinine in the blood ranges as follows for females and males: (0.5 – 1.1 mg/dL) and (0.6- 1.2mg/dL) respectively.

cornsilkGranted, there may be slight deviations from these values as the different tests, techniques and reagents used may cause minimal changes, but in normal cases, the values should not deviate too far from what is mentioned above.

A closer look at the values provided shows that creatinine values are typically higher in males than they are in females. The reason for this is that levels of creatinine are higher when there’s greater muscle mass.

Other factors that are associated with higher levels of creatinine include hypertension, diseases affecting the kidneys, certain medication as well as diabetes. In addition to this, taking creatinine supplements has been shown to alter the normal body range of the same. Since an increase in creatinine levels points to conditions affecting the kidney, it is very important that you see a medical doctor for accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

In line with this, there are home remedies that you can take to help you manage the levels of creatinine. Most of the remedies listed below have diuretic properties, which simply means that they offer relief by allowing frequent urination and the elimination of creatinine. More importantly, make sure that you consult your physician before embarking on any of these home remedies as they all have the capacity to cause drug-drug interactions.

1. Water:

Time Required: Spread throughout the day.
What You Need: Adequate drinking water. Mint leaves or cucumber (both optional).
Difficulty: Easy


One of the leading causes of high levels of creatinine is dehydration. Creatinine is a waste product, which like many, is eliminated in urine through the kidneys. Dehydration reduces urine production, which in turn causes the concentration of creatinine to increase in the body.The solution to this lies in staying hydrated and taking enough water. Since it is impossible to fix a specific amount of water bearing in mind people have different conditions, looking at the color of your urine is an excellent way to gauge whether your body is well hydrated.

Typically, the darker the color of urine, the more dehydrated the body is and vice versa. It is also important to note that while staying hydrated is a good thing, too much water is potentially risky for those with hypertension and kidney diseases as it stresses both the heart and kidneys. If you are concerned about the specific amount of water you should take, feel free to consult your doctor. Drinking enough water is the most natural and effective way to deal with high levels of creatinine.


  1. Follow the directions provided by your physician in case you suffer from high blood pressure or have a kidney condition. Otherwise, spreading your water intake throughout the day should work just as well.
  2. If you prefer, you may add fresh mint leaves or cucumber slices for a refreshing taste.


2. Stinging Nettle:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: 1 Tablespoon of nettle leaves (dried), 1 cup of hot water and a sieve.
Difficulty: Easy


Stinging nettle is best known for its diuretic properties, which is why it is recommended for the treatment of high creatinine levels. This remedy helps get rid of metabolic waste while aiding the functions of the kidney. Note, however, that this herbal remedy has the potential to interfere with medication used in the following conditions: hypertension, diabetes and blood thinning. For this reason, this remedy should be used with caution.


  1. Place the dried nettle leaves in a cup and pour in the hot water.
  2. Allow the leaves to steep in the water for about 15 minutes.
  3. Sieve the mixture and stir before drinking it.
  4. Drink this tea at least once daily for best results.


3. Astragalus:

Time Required: 45 Min
What You Need: Dried astragalus root, 1 cup of water and a strainer.
Difficulty: Easy


Astragalus is an ancient Chinese remedy that has long been used to improve kidney function. One of the key properties of the herbal remedy is its ability to act as a mild diuretic. This works well in the reduction of high levels of creatinine. Additionally, the herbal remedy contains asparagine, a key compound that aids in the elimination of toxins from the kidneys.

Overall, the herb enhances metabolism and elimination of toxins from the kidney. Note that this remedy is not recommended for anyone whose immune system is compromised as astragalus has immune boosting properties that may trigger an immune response.


  1. Place a handful of the dried root slices in a pan and add 2 cups of water.
  2. Bring the mixture to boil for some 5 minutes and switch off the heat.
  3. Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes before passing through a strainer.
  4. Take this herbal drink twice daily, preferably in between meals.


4. Dandelion Root Tea:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: 2 Teaspoons of dandelion root (in powder form), 1 glass of hot water and a sieve. Honey (Optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Dandelion root is yet another excellent home remedy for the elimination of creatinine in the body. This is because, just like some of the aforementioned remedies, the root has excellent diuretic properties that aid in faster elimination of toxins by the kidney. The root also works by improving kidney function. Use this remedy with caution if you suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure as dandelion root may interact with drugs prescribed for this condition.


  1. Place the dried dandelion root in a glass and pour in the hot water.
  2. Let the root steep for 15 minutes in order to get the root’s healing properties.
  3. Pass the dandelion tea through the strainer and stir in 1 tablespoon of honey.
  4. Take this tea thrice daily.


5. Corn Silk:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 1 Tablespoon of dried corn silk, 1 cup of boiling hot water and a sieve.
Difficulty: Easy


Dried corn silk has excellent diuretic properties that make it a reliable remedy for the reduction of creatinine levels in the body. By increasing the volume of urine excreted, this home remedy effectively eliminates creatinine from the body. Other benefits of using corn silk include its ability to reduce hypertension and fluid accumulation as manifested with a number of kidney disorders. Due to its nature, this remedy is not recommended for anyone who is allergic to corn, and must be used with caution for those with diabetes.


  1. Place the dried corn silk in a cup and add the boiling hot water.
  2. Cover the cup and let the mixture steep for 20 minutes.
  3. Sieve the tea and take this tea thrice daily for best results.


6. Barley:

Time Required: 45 Min
What You Need: 1 Glass of barley, 4 cups of water and strainer.
Difficulty: Easy


Barley water is an ideal remedy for the management of creatinine levels in he body, thanks to its natural diuretic properties. By increasing the amount of urine excreted, this remedy allows for the removal of creatinine, thus managing its levels. Another advantage of using barley water is that it has a high fiber content, and this aids in proper digestion while maintaining blood sugar levels at a constant. To compliment the function of this remedy, you may substitute refined flour with barley flour for healthier meal options. Follow the directions below to use barley water.

NOTE: This remedy should be used with caution for patients whose diet is potassium-restricted to avoid complications. It is advisable to consult a doctor prior to the use of barley in such cases.


  1. lace the barley in a large bowl and pour in the water.
  2. Stir the mixture before transferring to a pan and boiling for at least half an hour.
  3. Pass the mixture through a strainer and allow the barley water to cool to a comfortable temperature.
  4. Drink this water at least once everyday.


7. Sage:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 1 Teaspoon of sage (dried), 1 cup of hot water and a strainer.
Difficulty: Easy


Sage is a popular home remedy for the management of creatinine levels in the body. Research indicates that the herb helps filter creatinine while improving kidney functioning. Sage is also an excellent home remedy used for the improvement of blood circulation to the kidneys. Note that this remedy is not recommended for those suffering from diabetes or have had previous episodes of liver or kidney disease.


  1. Place the dried sage in a cup and add the hot water.
  2. Let the mixture sit for 20 minutes to allow it steep for the herb’s healing properties.
  3. Strain the mixture and make sure you take this tea twice daily.


8. Additional Tips for The Home Treatment of High Creatinine Levels:


  1. Lower the amount of carbonated and caffeinated drinks that you take as these only cause dehydration. Replace these drinks with water and/or herbal tea.
  2. Reduce the amount of high protein foods that you take to ease the restoration of normal creatinine levels in the body.
  3. It also helps to reduce your mineral salt intake as this strains the kidney and hampers the process of creatinine elimination.
  4. Whenever possible, eliminate foods that are rich in arginine from your diet. These foods include pumpkin seeds, nuts, seafood as well as soybeans. This is because such foods stimulate the production of creatinine in the liver.
  5. Lastly, avoid been stressed whenever possible.