Arthritis is a common condition that affects millions of people globally. It is easily identified because it causes pain and inflammation in the joint areas.

Body Aches

There are a number of reasons why you experience body pains and aches. These pains could be the result strenuous activities, a stressful life, underlying medical conditions or even simple chores. Regardless of the causative agent, the most important thing when it comes to these aches is for the pain to cease and to allow a semblance of normal living.


A bunion refers to a bony extension that forms at the joint of the bottom of the big toe.

Ear Aches

Earaches are often the result of infections that lead to the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear. This type of ache is quite uncomfortable, and in extreme cases, may lead to permanent ear damage.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that is characterized by pain across the body, extreme exhaustion, sleepiness as well as poor memory.

Groin Pain

Groin pain develops from a myriad of causes, usually ranging from athletic causes to non-athletic ones that may incorporate one’s anatomical structure.

Jammed Fingers

A jammed finger is a common occurrence in sports enthusiasts as it generally makes reference to an injury that affects any of the three joints in the finger. This often occurs as a result of hard impact to the fingers, hence the reason it is common in active sports men and women.

Hangnail Pain

A hangnail is the term that is used to describe the peeling of dry skin that occurs around the nails and hangs from the cuticle region.


Headaches are one of the most common health problem, and many people are affected at one time or another. There are three different categories of headaches that you may experience. These include cluster headaches, tension headaches and migraine headaches.

Jammed Fingers

A jammed finger is a common occurrence in sports enthusiasts as it generally makes reference to an injury that affects any of the three joints in the finger.

Joint Pain

Joint pain is a rather common condition across the world. There are many causes of pain in the joints, but the two most common are injuries in the joint area and arthritis. The latter is a degenerative condition that causes the joints to ache and become weak over a period of time.

Knee Pain

Knee pain is a common condition that affects all people at least severally during their lifetime. This pain may result from trauma to the knee, and a wide range of medical conditions that include infections, gout and arthritis among others.

Leg Cramps

Muscle cramps are a common occurrence in the body, and will usually affect different parts of the body. One of the most common body parts affected by these cramps is the legs, and more specifically the muscles in the calf region. Leg cramps affect both children and adults, making it very important to know what symptoms to look out for.


Lockjaw is a condition that makes it difficult for you to open your mouth properly, thus making its function very painful. This often manifests as tension around the mouth, and is usually an indication of an underlying issue.

Lower Back Pain

Back pain, and particularly lower back pain, is a fairly common condition. It affects many people, and while it is possible to treat acute lower back pain with pharmaceutical products, patients with chronic lower back pain may opt to settle for natural remedies to offer relief from the pain.

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain, also referred to as period cramps, refers to pain that is located in the lower abdominal region and whose onset is marked by the start of one’s periods. This pain typically lasts for three days in many women, but may surpass this for those with heavy bleeding. The pain is described as a pulsating pain which may either be sharp or dull depending on an individual’s body and cycle.


Migraines are defined as severe headaches that are characterized by pulsating pain. This pain is usually felt on the forehead and in some cases, the sides of the head. Migraines are more intense than headaches, and can be debilitating depending on the severity of the same.

Muscle Pain

For mild muscle aches that results from strenuous activities and tension, the pain experienced often manifests between 12 hours and 48 hours following the specific activity. The extent of pain varies considerably so that for some, it is a mild inconvenience while for others it causes debilitating pain that makes it impossible to carry on with one’s daily activities.

Neck Pain

The neck is made up of ligaments, tissue, muscle, bones and nerve cells, not to mention the blood vessels. For this reason, there are many factors that can lead to neck pain. Different conditions can cause pain in the area around the neck. A number of these conditions can be fatal, for instance trauma to the head and neck, as well as the manifestation of a heart attack.

Neck Spasms

Neck spasms refer to a sudden contraction of a muscle in the neck, usually as a result of fatigue, weakness, strain or trauma to the neck region. Some of the most common causes of these spasms include heavy lifting, extreme workout sessions as well as muscular tension.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome, often abbreviated as RLS, is a condition that affects the nervous system and causes an almost-irresistible urge to move them.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve pain is a term that refers to the numbness that results when the sciatic nerve is disturbed or irritated. While the pain tends to affect a single part of the body, it has severe implications that interfere with one’s daily routines.

Sinus Pain

Sinus pain occurs when the sinus membranes get swollen and congested as a result of the presence of viruses, allergens and bacteria.


Many people are aware of the throbbing pain that a splinter causes. Whether you were playing in the woods, or enjoying a quiet walk barefoot in the lovely outdoors, a splinter can easily alter your plans unexpectedly.

Stiff Joints

Many people experience stiff joints at some point in their lives, making this one of the most common conditions that affects the joints. The stiffness may be as a result of an injury to the ligaments near the joints, straining, spraining as well as arthritis.

Stiff Neck

A stiff neck is a common issue for many people, and is typically nothing to worry about as it gets better after a couple of days. The most obvious symptom of a stiff neck is soreness at the back of the neck that is often accompanied by extreme difficulty in turning the neck sideways.


Tendonitis is a condition that causes the inflammation of the tendons. The use of the word tendon refers to a thick cord of tissue that connects the muscle to the bone.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, by definition, is a condition that causes pain in the area just outside the elbow.

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

This joint serves as the connection between the jawbone and the skull. It is this joint that allows you the ability to open and close your mouth. The misalignment of the jaw for whatever reason, whether traumatic or otherwise, is what is referred to as a TMJ disorder.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a painful condition that causes the fingers to remain in a bent position, usually making it extremely hard to move the affected finger.


Whitlow is a painful condition that develops around the finger nails and causes a characteristic swelling that is both tender to touch and has a throbbing pain.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth are a great milestone for many individuals. They will usually appear between 18 and 25, but for some, these teeth appear much later. By definition, wisdom teeth constitute the last teeth in all of the four rows in the mouth. As expected, these are the last teeth to grow in the mouth.