For many couples across the world, all it takes for conception is unprotected sex on a regular basis. For others, however, this is not all it takes as many couples struggle to conceive owing to fertility challenges.

If you are trying to get a baby, one of the best things you can do is have an idea on what fertility entails as well as some of the home remedies you can use to boost the same. The latter is important for most people because alternative fertility treatment is quite costly.

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In addition to having almost zero side effects, natural remedies are easy to use. Knowing these remedies alone, is not enough; couples need to be able to chart their sexual life. Knowing what days to be on the look out for, and having intercourse around the time of ovulation goes a long way in enhancing fertility.

Understanding the woman’s monthly means that couples are better placed to approximate the best time periods for fertilization. With this in mind, look out for any of the following remedies to find out what works best for you. Whenever in doubt, feel free to consult your gynecologist on the way forward as well. As a general guide, you must understand that fertility levels and choice of food are linked inextricably. A great diet plays a key role in managing hormonal levels, therefore increasing fertility.

1. Olive Oil:

Time Required: 5 Min
What You Need: 1 Tablespoon of olive oil thrice daily.
Difficulty: Easy


Olive oil is one of the most versatile remedies. When it comes to treating fertility, olive oil works because it has a high concentration of monounsaturated fats. Mono-saturated fats provide a healthy option as they do not clog the blood vessels. These fats present also help enhance the body’s sensitivity to insulin so that there’s less predisposition to diabetes. Another benefit of using olive oil is that it helps reduce the levels of inflammation in the body. All of these factors help increase fertility over a period of time.

NOTE: As a general guide, when shopping for olive oil, look out for extra virgin olive oil.


  1. Take a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil at least thrice daily. You may also opt to add the oil to your diet.


2. Broccoli:

Time Required: 10-15 Min
What You Need: Broccoli
Difficulty: Easy


Broccoli are not only a healthy vegetable option, they are also a great super food for improved fertility. As a natural remedy, the veggies have minimal side effects and are effective when used over a long period of time (as with most natural remedies). Scientific studies show that for couples planning to conceive, one of the ways to do this is to increase their intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C, also referred to as Ascorbic acid, helps improve the function and quality of the sperms. Additionally, the vitamins help shield the sperms from structural damage, thus boosting fertility.

In women, the vitamin helps reduce the chances of chromosomal damage while lowering the probability of miscarriage. Overall, this enhances fertility and increases the chances of carrying a pregnancy to full term. Broccoli is also packed with other nutrients, and this include Zinc, Iron and Calcium, all of which play an integral role in conception.


  1. Prepare broccoli using your choice recipe, making sure you take this delicious vegetable at least twice daily.


3. Folic Acid Supplements:

Time Required: 5 Min for the supplements; food preparation will vary depending on the specific food and recipe used.
What You Need: Folic acid supplements and foods rich in folic acid.
Difficulty: Easy


Folic acid is integral for couples looking for natural ways to increase fertility. The supplements work by regulating the optimal function of the ovulation process in women. Proper ovulation, as a matter of fact, precedes fertilization, which in turn leads to conception. What’s more, after conception, the folic acid helps maintain a viable pregnancy to full term. In addition to the supplements, you should also add foods that are rich in folic acid to your diet. These include, but are not limited to dark leafy vegetables such as spinach and collard greens, lentils, nuts and squash among others.


  1. Take the folic acid supplements following the dosage provided on the packaging.
  2. Do this alongside including the aforementioned foods in your daily diet.


 4. In Women, Looking out for one’s Reproductive Cycles is Recommended Home Remedy:

Time Required: 5 Min daily.
What You Need: A thermometer and a keenness to note changes during one’s reproductive cycle.
Difficulty: Easy


While this is not a remedy per se, it is one of the most recommended tools for couples who need to increase their fertility. This is because charting one’s cycles helps you know the ovulation period, and the days when one has the highest chances of conceiving. A thermometer is needed for this activity as it helps record the basal body temperature. Temperature changes fluctuate during the cycle, and tend to go a little higher during ovulation.

It is also important to be keen enough to note changes in the consistency of cervical mucus. On days when the mucus is thinnest and most slippery is the body’s way of letting you know that there are higher chances of conception. Marking these dates on the calendar goes a long way too, and overall helps individuals increase their fertility by giving a glimpse into their most fertile days.


  1. Make it a habit to take your body temperature daily, preferably in the privacy of your bathroom. It helps to take an average temperature of three daily readings to get more accurate feedback.
  2. Indicate the temperature alongside the specific days as well as the mucus consistency.


5. Oysters:

Time Required: Varies depending on your preferred method of preparation.
What You Need: Regular intake of oysters.
Difficulty: Easy


Oysters are a rich source of Zinc, one of the most distinct inclusions for anyone trying to conceive. A deficiency in the amounts of zinc contributes to irregular menstrual periods in women, which in turn reduces fertility. In men, low levels of zinc decrease the dominant male hormone, testosterone. This leads to decreased levels of semen and lower fertility. as such, an increased intake of Zinc enhances production of healthy sperm and regulates the reproductive cycle in women, overall improving fertility. Make sure you add oysters to your regular diet for this reason.


  1. Prepare oysters using your preferred recipe and indulge on a regular basis.


6. Salmon:

Time Required: Depends on the specific recipe.
What You Need: Salmon
Difficulty: Easy


Salmon is one of the most popular home remedies for those who would like to increase fertility. this is attributed to its high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids whose structural makeup regulates the synthesis of reproductive hormones. Another benefit that salmon has is that it is a stress-buster and also enhances the flow of blood to the reproductive system. Salmon is also hailed as a great remedy because it is rich in Selenium, an important mineral whose ability to reduce the effects of free radicals helps protect the female egg and male sperm from damage.


  1. Incorporate a serving of salmon at least thrice each week in order to boost fertility.


7. Evening Primrose Oil (Abbreviated EPO):

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: Evening Primrose Oil.
Difficulty: Easy


Evening Primrose oil (EPO) is recommended as one of the best herbal remedies for anyone who needs to increase their fertility. This popular herb works in women as it helps improve the quality of cervical mucus, thus creating the perfect condition for conception. In addition to its role, the oil also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that allow for optimal functioning of the reproductive system. Use EPO regularly for increased fertility.


  1. EPO is available in supplements form, so make sure that you consult your gynecologist before use.


8. Stay Hydrated:

Time Required: Scattered throughout the day.
What You Need: Adequate drinking water.
Difficulty: Easy


Staying hydrated is recommended as one of the healthiest habits for everyone, but is emphasized for those struggling with fertility issues. The logic here is simple: when you take enough water, your body is able to flush toxins and allow your different systems to function at optimum levels. More importantly, water allows for the development of the egg follicles as well as the creation of a sturdy lining in the womb to allow for implantation after conception. Take that sip of water every now and then if you would like to increase your fertility.


  1. Take adequate water throughout the day (regardless of the weather).

Perhaps the most important thing to take away from these remedies if you are working towards improving your fertility, is that all of these remedies are not a magic pill; they have to be used on a regular basis. Consistency is key to the success of the remedies, so incorporate each of them accordingly. Lastly, whenever you are in doubt, or a particular remedy does not work well for you, make sure you consult your gynecologist.