Groin pain develops from a myriad of causes, usually ranging from athletic causes to non-athletic ones that may incorporate one’s anatomical structure. To understand how this pain manifests, it is important to know the groin areas.Definition, the groin is the part of the body located on both sides of the body where the abdomen connects to the upper and inner thighs. For easy understanding, all you need to know is that the pubic area lies right between the two groin regions. The medical term for the groin area is the inguinal area.

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One of the factors that predispose the groin area to pain is an extremely stringent set of exercises that easily causes injury. For this reason, it is not uncommon to experience muscle pulls and ligament strains, both of which are an acute form of injury. While there are home remedies available for the natural treatment of groin pain, it is important to mention that severe groin pain requires immediate medical attention to alleviate the discomfort.

Some of the symptoms that accompany groin pain include tenderness in the pubic region, sharp pains when engaged in strenuous activities as well as swelling of the area around the groin. Notably, groin pain in women may be attributed to diseases affecting the reproductive system or may be related to childbirth. As a general guide, the remedies mentioned below must only be used for mild cases of groin pain. In extreme cases, it is very important to seek medical attention from a qualified professional.

1. Apply Ice to the Groin Area:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: A clean towel and a couple of ice cubes. Alternatively, use a pack of frozen vegetables such as peas in place of the ice cubes.
Difficulty: Easy


One of the most effective and basic home remedies available for the natural management of groin pain is the application of an ice pack. The reason for using the ice pack is to reduce the pain as well as prevent the affected areas from swelling as this creates a lot of discomfort.
Note, however, inspite of the severity of the pain, you must resist the temptation to use ice directly on the skin. This is because used this way, the ice has a tendency to damage the upper layer of the skin, often leading to frostbite. This is the last thing you want when you have to deal with groin pain. In place of ice cubes, you may use a pack of frozen peas as an excellent substitute.


  1. Make sure you first wrap the ice cubes or pack of frozen vegetables with the clean cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin.
  2. Massage the swollen and tender groin area using the cold pack, making sure you apply gentle force on the skin.
  3. Do this for about 5 minutes, taking frequent breaks whenever you need to.
  4. Repeat this as often as you need to until the pain subsides. This is especially important after engaging in physically taxing activities.


2. Take Some Time to Rest:

Time Required: Varies depending on the severity of the pain
What You Need: Take time off your usual routine, and especially activities that cause physical strain
Difficulty: Easy


Depending on the extent of the injury to the groin area, it is helpful to make sure that you get plenty of rest. This period of rest not only allows the body to recuperate, it also reduces additional strain on the groin. This remedy may be combined with any of the others in this list to get a more effective way to manage groin pain. Remember to consult your doctor if you suffer from any other medical condition for which physical inactivity may not be recommended.


  1. The period of rest varies from one individual to another depending on the extent of the injury as well as the pain levels experienced. Ideally, a few hours daily should help manage the pain.
  2. The length of the period of rest is then adjusted gradually to the point where one makes a dull recovery and is able to resume their normal routines.


3.Use a Groin Strapping:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: Groin strapping or elastic wraps.
Difficulty: Easy


Groin pain is often accompanied by swelling of the affected region. This is where the elastic wraps come in handy. The wraps, which may be replaced by groin strappings, are available at your local chemist. They are preferred to simple cloth straps because they provide just the right amount of pressure required to keep the swelling down without damaging the tissue in the groin area. It is very important that this is done properly because too tight a strap and there are high chances that this will cut off blood circulation to key organs around the groin.


  1. Wear the groin strapping or elastic wraps and make sure you follow the directions indicated on the packaging. The upside of using this remedy is that the wraps/strappings are made to fit snugly without cutting off blood supply to the area. If you have any concerns about this remedy, get in touch with your doctor to establish the way forward.


 4. Alternate Hot and Cold Treatment:

Time Required: 20 – 30 Min
What You Need: A tray of ice cubes, 2 clean towels as well as hot water in a basin.
Difficulty: Easy


The use of hot and cold treatment alternately is an excellent way to manage pain in the groin area. This is achieved by applying one treatment for a period of about 5 minutes and then switching it up immediately with the other for the same period of time. This way, one gets the best of both worlds because the heat encourages blood circulation to the affected region, while the cold pack keeps the swelling down as mentioned above. Note that heat treatment is not recommended for immediate use after an injury to the groin area as it may increase the pain sensation and the inflammation present. For this reason, the alternate use of the hot and cold pack is recommended for use a few days after the pan manifests.


  1. Soak one towel in the hot water and squeeze to get rid of the excess water.
  2. Place the towel on the painful part of the groin area and gently press in.
  3. Let the hot towel remain on the skin for a few minutes.
  4. During this time, wrap a handful of the ice cubes using the other towel and set aside.
  5. After a few minutes, place the towel used for the hot treatment in the basin and immediately replace it with the cold pack.
  6. Rub the cold pack on the skin for five minutes to get pain relief.
  7. Repeat this remedy as often as you need to until the groin area is totally pain-free.


5. Carry Out Gentle Groin Stretches:

Time Required: At least 15 Min at the onset of remedy application.
What You Need: A comfortable place to perform the stretches
Difficulty: Easy


Gentle stretching of the groin area is an apt home remedy for the treatment of groin pain. This is because it helps restore the normalcy of the muscles in the groin area. The best time to use this remedy is when the swelling has eased; to do this, use the ice pack remedy. Ideally, you ought to start gentle and work your way to increasing the range of motion of the stretches progressively. Follow the simple directions below to help you get back on track. This remedy is best suited for athletes who are prone to groin pain owing to their varied routines.


  1. Start by stretching your hip and inner thigh as gently as you can. Remember that stretches performed to help eliminate groin pain ought to be very gentle, and should not cause any pain. If you feel some pain, that is an indication that something is not right.
  2. In addition to stretching, you also need to bend and straighten the leg as you rotate the hip. Exercises that do not involve weight-lifting such as bike riding and swimming have also been shown to be extremely helpful.
  3. Gradually increase the range of motion of the stretches until you can carry out your activities normally without wincing at pain in the groin. Remember to carry out warm-up exercises prior to any routines.
  4. In relation to this remedy, it is recommended that you take some time off sports routine. The time period of rest, as mentioned above, varies depending on the severity of the pain. Getting back at it immediately only increases the chances that the groin pain will recur. It also places you at risk of developing chronic groin pain which can be a debilitating condition. In line with this, consider following the following guidelines:
    i) Your hip should experience full range-of-motion, and ought to be free from the symptoms of groin pain. These include swelling, tenderness in the affected region as well as inflammation.
    ii) You ought to be able to fully carry your weight without limping or hunching.
    iii) Even with these precautionary measures, it is still very important to be careful when exercising.


These home remedies are recommended for the natural treatment of groin pain. Remember, however, that in extreme cases, it is important to seek medical attention. Such cases include when the pain is accompanied by the inability to move any of the lower limbs, a characteristic pop sound that accompanies the injury and when the home remedies do not seem to offer any relief. This also applies in the event that you are uncertain of the extent or severity of the injury to the groin area.