Managing your hair is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The truth, however, is that this is not always possible for everyone. Those with greasy hair know too well the challenges they face in keeping their hair clean and healthy. If you hair gets extremely oily just a couple of days after washing, it is likely that you have greasy hair.

tomato juice This condition arises from the production of excess amounts of oil by the scalp. Ideally, this oil is required for healthy hair, but in excess amounts, it poses challenges for affected persons. Perhaps the worst attribute is the fact that greasy hair tends to clump together in unsightly masses that often create the likelihood of dandruff formation.

Some of the reasons why individuals get greasy hair include a genetic predisposition, high amounts of stress and overall poor hair hygiene. It is also important to mention that diet plays a fundamental role in causing greasy hair. If you constantly snack on oily or junk food, you are likely to notice that your hair gets extremely greasy.

Since such hair looks generally untidy and unkempt, you must make an effort to control and manage this condition. Contrary to popular belief, shampooing every few days is not a viable solution, and may in fact worsen the condition. Below are the top home remedies for the management of greasy hair.


1. Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 2 Lemons, a manual juicer, distilled water, 2 tablespoons of honey (optional), and warm water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Lemon juice is a versatile home remedy, thanks to its acidic properties. When used to treat greasy hair, the citric acid present in the juice works to counteract the imbalanced pH levels on the scalp. This has been shown to help manage the amounts of oil secreted. In addition to this, the lemon juice is also rich in vitamins that help give your hair healthy texture and eliminate the clumping of greasy hair.


  1. Rub both lemons on a chopping board. This is done to allow for maximum release of juice from the lemon fibers.
  2. Wash the lemons and chop into half before juicing manually.
  3. Mix the lemon juice with the water and stir.
  4. Add the honey to the mixture and stir once more.
  5. Apply the lemon mixture to your hair and scalp, all the while massaging in gentle circular motions.
  6. Leave the solution in for some 20 minutes for best results.
  7. Rinse your hair and scalp using warm water. Use this remedy thrice weekly for easy hair management.


2.Baking Soda :

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 1 Tablespoon of baking soda, 3 tablespoons of water, and warm water used to rinse. A good quality hair brush (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Baking soda is yet another excellent option for you if you suffer from greasy hair. This is because as an alkaline compound, the paste created from a mixture of the baking soda and water restores the scalp’s natural pH. This paste also has the advantage of reducing the foul smell that often characterizes greasy hair especially when it comes into contact with water. This is a simple remedy which you can prepare at home. You may also opt to use the baking soda in its original state as a powder. The powder simply absorbs the excess oil and helps you manage your hair with ease.


Using the baking soda powder as a dry shampoo

  1. This involves rubbing baking soda through your hair. It works best for you when you are time-strapped and need a quick fix for your greasy hair.
  2. You will then brush your hair well to get rid of the excess baking soda and you are done!

Preparing a paste using baking soda and water

  1. Mix the baking soda and water to create a smooth consistent paste. The amounts of both ingredients that you use is largely dependent on the length of your hair, but a standard ration of 1:3 for the baking soda:water is used.
  2. Apply generous amounts of this paste on your hair and scalp as you massage gently. Note that the best way to do this is to apply the paste to damp hair.
  3. Let the paste remain in your hair for about 20 minutes.
  4. You will then rinse your hair with warm water. Use this remedy twice weekly to help you maintain your hair grease-free.


3. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse:

Time Required: 40 Min
What You Need: 3 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a cup of warm water, shampoo products, and cold water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Rinsing your hair with apple cider vinegar (abbreviated ACV) is one of the most effective ways of treating greasy hair. ACV is rich in acetic acid, which comes in handy for you [because it helps restore the hair’s natural pH levels. This plays an integral role in the use of the remedy because it then regulates the amount of oil secreted onto your hair. Additionally, the rinse also helps prevent the accumulation of oil on the hair strands so that the hair does not clump in unsightly masses. Overall, regular use of this home remedy helps ensure that your hair remains soft, shiny and oil-free. Note that this remedy is most effective when used after


  1. Add the ACV to the cup containing warm water and stir to create an even solution.
  2. Immediately after shampooing your hair, rinse your hair with ACV, especially focusing on the hair strands.
  3. Wait for about 20 minutes before doing a final rinse with warm water. Use this remedy thrice weekly for best results.


4. Fuller’s Earth Paste For Greasy Hair:

Time Required: 40 Min
What You Need: 3 Tablespoons of Fuller’s earth and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Fuller’s earth is a natural type of clay that is hailed for its excellent mineral properties. Having gained popularity as a great treatment for oily skin, the clay has since been used as an option for those with greasy hair. The clay is an excellent choice because it helps get rid of the accumulated oil on your hair.

The clay’s mineral properties also balance the scalp’s pH thus regulating the amount of oil secreted onto the hair. Massaging your scalp with the paste made from Fuller’s earth also improves blood circulation thus allowing for the growth of healthy hair. Note that as with most of the remedies provided here, the guide to the amount of clay you use is provided by the length of your hair.


  1. Place the powder clay in a bowl and add some water to it until you have a paste with the desired consistency.
  2. Stir the paste to get rid of any clumps before applying it to your hair and scalp.
  3. Let the paste remain on your hair for about 20 minutes before following this through with a thorough rinse using warm water. Use this remedy weekly for best results.


5. Aloe Vera Gel:

Time Required: 1 Hr
What You Need: Freshly cut aloe vera leaf, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, choice hair shampoo, and warm water used to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Aloe vera is yet another popular home remedy for a wide range of conditions, and this includes greasy hair. The nutrients present in the gel help nourish the scalp and hair, while getting rid of the accumulated oil and toxins on the hair strands. This is important because it regulates the amount of oil produced by the scalp. Aloe vera gel also works well for you if your greasy hair is accompanied by an itchy scalp as it soothes the irritated skin.


  1. Squeeze the freshly cut leaf along the edges in order to release the gel.
  2. Collect enough gel to fill 1 tablespoon, and add it to your choice shampoo.
  3. You also need to add the lemon juice before shaking the shampoo bottle to mix evenly.
  4. Wash your hair as you normally would using this shampoo.
  5. Massage the foam on your hair for some 10 minutes before allowing the mixture to remain for half an hour or so.
  6. Rinse off the foam using warm water and follow through with your usual hair care routine. Use this unique homemade shampoo as remedy for your greasy hair whenever you need to manage your hair.

NOTE: You can prepare this shampoo in bulk and refrigerate it. It stays for up to 7 days while refrigerated.


6. Tomato Juice:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 1 Ripe tomato (number of tomatoes depends on the length of your hair), 2 tablespoons of fuller’s earth, a shower cap, and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Tomato juice is a choice remedy for anyone looking to deal with greasy hair naturally. Some of the benefits of tomato juice for the hair include a high concentration of Vitamin C that nourishes the scalp. Additionally, tomato juice is rich in ascorbic acid which plays a great role in moderating the production of oil by the scalp. This is achieved through maintaining the scalp’s natural pH. The tomato’s rejuvenating scent also endears many with greasy hair to this remedy.


  1. Mash the tomato(es) until you have a consistent pulp. You can do this easily if you use your fingers.
  2. Place the pulp on a piece of cloth and tie with a string on both ends.
  3. Squeeze the piece of cloth as hard as you can in order to get tomato juice. This is important because the use of the pulp makes rinsing tedious.
  4. Add Fuller’s earth to the juice in bits until you have a paste that you can apply on your hair with ease.
  5. Wear the shower cap and cover the hair for half an hour.this allows the hair to soak up all the tomato goodness.
  6. Rinse the tomato juice using warm water.


7. Tea Leaves:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 2 Tablespoons of black tea leaves, a cup of boiling water, a strainer, and mild shampoo.
Difficulty: Easy


Tea leaves are a soothing remedy perfect for dealing with greasy hair. This is because they are astringent in nature. With a high concentration of tannic acid, the tea leaves allow for the pores on the scalp to contract, thus regulating the amount of oil produced by the scalp. The solution made from the tea leaves also goes a long way in eliminating the accumulated oils off your hair strands. The next time you get greasy hair, simply raid your kitchen pantry and make some black tea.


  1. Place the tea leaves in the boiling water and stir.
  2. Allow the tea leaves to steep for 10 minutes.
  3. Strain the mixture and let it cool for a few minutes so that is is comfortable to use on your hair.
  4. Apply the strained tea to your hair and scalp and massage it in for 10 minutes before shampooing as normal. Use this remedy as often as you shampoo and clean your hair.


8. Egg and Honey Mask:

Time Required: 30 Min
 What You Need: 1 Egg, 2 tablespoons of honey and cold water.
Difficulty: Easy


One of the most important ways you can deal with greasy hair is to use a hair mask. These masks work because the allow for deep conditioning without subjecting the hair to stress. Honey is added to this remedy because it creates a protective layer while moisturizing the hair.

The egg yolk used on the other hand, strengthens the hair by nourishing the scalp and reducing damage. This remedy requires you to use cold water as opposed to warm water. The latter creates the perfect environment for the egg to cook and heap together, which makes rinsing quite taxing and tedious. Note too, that this remedy is recommended for use on damp hair.


  1. Beat the egg and carefully get the yolk which is what you need for this remedy.
  2. Mix the yolk with the honey and whip together to create a paste-like substance.
  3. Apply the paste on damp hair to create the hair mask.
  4. Massage the egg yolk + honey paste on your hair and scalp to ensure even distribution.
  5. Allow the mask to remain on your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Use this mask at least twice weekly to deal with greasy hair effectively.


Other remedies available for you if you have greasy hair include witch hazel which acts as a natural astringent, a beer rinse which acts as a tonic thus getting rid of excess oils as well as baby powder which works by absorbing the excess oils. It is also important to ensure that you avoid excessive shampooing as this only aggravates the scalp and worsens oil production.