woman touching eyesThe area under the eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the skin, and this is partly because it is very thin and its location on the face makes it predisposed to skin conditions. Consequently, this is one of the few places where the face starts to show signs of aging, and often manifests with the formation of fine lines under the eye.

While these do not indicate any severe problem, they can easily become agonizing for the affected. Typically, the fine lines under the eye are a result of the thin skin starting to sag as a result of aging. The good news is that you can easily get simple home remedies that help you treat and manage the lines and prevent additional ones from forming.

1. Olive Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: Olive oil and cotton wool. Honey (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Olive oil is one of the most reliable home remedies for the management of fine lines which form under the eye. This is attributed to the presence of antioxidants present in the oil. The antioxidants are an ideal way to deal with free radicals which are known to make significant contributions to the sagging of the skin. Olive oil is also gentle on the skin and there is no need to worry about it affecting your skin. The presence of Vitamins A and E also help ensure that the skin remains healthy. Honey is added to the remedy because it moisturizes the skin.


  1. Mix the olive oil with the honey until you have a consistent mixture.
  2. Using cotton wool, scoop some of the oil mixture and apply on the skin found below the eyes.
  3. Do this twice daily to slow down the aging process as well as to ensure the skin remains moisturized.


2. Aloe Vera:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: Aloe vera leaf, cotton wool, and warm water. Vitamin E capsules (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Aloe vera is one of the simplest yet most effective home remedies for varying skin conditions. When used to treat the fine lines found below the eyes, the gel helps tighten the skin by increasing its elasticity. This goes a long way in helping ease the condition because it prevents the skin from sagging. You will need freshly cut aloe vera leaf to extract the gel for topical application. Vitamin E capsules are an optional addition as Vitamin E is used to improve the health of the skin.


  1. Press the edges of the freshly cut leaf to extract the gel and collect it in a small bowl.
  2. Cut open the Vitamin E capsules to release the content and then mix it with the gel.
  3. Apply the gel mixture on the skin below the eyes, massaging as gently as you canto avoid eye injury.
  4. Leave the mixture on for about 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water.
  5. Use this remedy daily for best results.


3. Almonds:

Time Required: Overnight preparation and 30 Min application.
What You Need: A handful of almond nuts, raw milk, grinder, and warm water. You may also use ready almond milk.
Difficulty: Easy


Almonds are an excellent and healthy source of Vitamin E, which as mentioned above, helps the skin retain its health and elasticity. In addition to Vitamin E, the almonds used have additional nutrients such as folic acid, iron and zinc, all of which help slow down the aging process and prevent the fine lines from forming under the eye. You will need a grinder to get the paste from the nuts. Alternatively, use readily available almond milk.


  1. Place the nuts in a shallow bowl and pour in the raw milk.
  2. Allow the nuts to soak in the milk overnight.
  3. The next morning, peel the skin on the nuts and transfer the soaked nuts to the grinder.
  4. Grind the nuts until you have a thick paste; paste that is too thin will easily fall off, so you want a paste that is thick enough to stay in place.
  5. Clean your hands well and proceed to apply the paste on the skin beneath the eyes.
  6. Let the paste dry for half an hour or so before rinsing with warm water.
  7. Use this remedy daily until you notice that the fine lines below the eyes are receding.


4. Fenugreek Leaves:

Time Required: 15 Min preparation and overnight application.
What You Need: A handful of fenugreek leaves, a pestle and mortar, and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Fenugreek leaves are recommended for the elimination of fine lines under the eye, largely because they are rich in minerals and vitamins that help improve skin health. The advantage of using this remedy is that the vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the skin pores. To get the most of this remedy, use the leaves on a regular basis even after the fine lines have disappeared.


  1. Sort the leaves and proceed to clean them well.
  2. Use a pestle and mortar to grind the leaves and get a thick paste.
  3. Apply a thin layer of this paste on the skin below the eyes and let it remain there overnight.
  4. Wash off the paste the next morning using warm water.
  5. Alternatively, boil the leaves and use the resulting solution to massage the area below the eyes.


5. Pineapple Slices

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Pineapple slices (preferably fresh), cotton wool, and warm water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Pineapple is rich in an enzyme known as bromelain. This active enzyme not only has potent anti-inflammatory properties, it is also one of the forms of the alpha hydroxy acid that plays a key role in eliminating the fine lines that appear under the eyes. Additional benefits of using pineapple juice include its ability to exfoliate the skin and help remove dead cells from the top surface of the skin. This results in the regeneration of new skin cells which in turn prevent the formation of the lines formed under the eye.


  1. Squeeze the pineapple slices and collect the juice in a bowl.
  2. Soak a piece of cotton wool in the freshly squeezed pineapple juice and apply on the skin below the eye.
  3. Let the pineapple juice air-dry and then proceed to rinse with warm water.
  4. Use this remedy daily in order to note any significant changes. It helps to add this procedure to your normal skin routine for best results.


6. Cucumber Slices:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Cucumber slices and ice cubes.
Difficulty: Easy


One of the simplest ways of getting rid of fine lines under the eyes is to use cucumber slices. Cucumber is not only an excellent skin moisturizer, it also helps to reduce fine lines below the eye. In fact, one of the most common causes of these fine lines is lack of moisture on the skin. When cucumber slices are used on the eyes regularly, the lines start to recede after a while. Ice cubes are added for the cooling effect.


  1. Wash the cucumber and chop it to get slices for topical use on the skin.
  2. Place the slices on a tray of ice cubes and allow to chill for about 10 minutes.
  3. Put the cold slices on your eyes and leave on for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse your face using cold water. Repeat this procedure twice daily until you are content with the progress made.


7. Coconut Oil:

Time Required: 10 Min
What You Need: 1 Tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and warm bath (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Coconut oil is a choice remedy for the management of fine lines under the eye, thanks to its excellent moisturization properties. The oil is also rich in fatty acids that help nourish the skin and reverse the formation of fine lines under the eye. This simple remedy is one that you can add to your daily routine. A warm water bath may be needed to change state of the coconut oil as it tends to solidify at room temperature.


  1. Warm the coconut oil in a water bath if need be.
  2. Proceed to apply a thin layer of the oil on the skin below the eyes.
  3. Use this remedy twice daily for best results.


8. Avocado Face Mask:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Ripe avocado
Difficulty: Easy


Avocado are a rich source of healthy fats, and when applied on the skin, help ensure its health. The presence of this healthy fats is what helps decrease the fine lines that form under the eye as a result of aging. By using a face mask and paying close attention to the affected skin, you should be able to reverse the formation of these lines. Use the procedure below to make use of avocado’s healing properties.


  1. Peel the avocado and chop into small pieces.
  2. Mash the fruit until you have a smooth pulp.
  3. Scoop some of the pulp and apply on your face, making sure you pay attention to the area just below the lower eyelid
  4. Let the paste remain on the skin for some 20 minutes before rinsing.
  5. Use this remedy at least once daily to help you deal with wrinkled skin under the eye.


9. Egg Whites:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Egg white from one egg and cold water to rinse.
Difficulty: Easy


Egg whites are a rich source of protein. Since this is one of the key building blocks for healthy skin, the whites make for an excellent remedy. In addition to helping nourish the skin, the egg white also helps tighten the skin and reduce the frequency of the lines formed beneath the eyes. the directions below show you how to get the most of the egg white remedy.


  1. Apply the egg white just below the eyes and allow to dry.
  2. As the remedy dries, you will feel your skin getting tugged in different directions. This is your cue to rinse the remedy off. Left on for too long, the egg white causes excessive tugging of the skin which causes it to become loose and sag even more. For this reason, avoid staying too long with the egg white mask below your eyes.
  3. Rinse your skin using cold water.


Other home remedies recommended for the natural treatment of fine lines under the eyes include rose water that prevents the skin from loosening, ginger which helps improve blood circulation to the eye region as well as rosemary oil which helps nourish the skin. Castor oil also comes in handy because it helps keep the skin under the eyes soft and supple. In case you are concerned about your health, or any of the aforementioned remedies, seek professional medical advice.

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