An enlarged liver, medically referred to as hepatomegaly, is often a sign of an array of underlying diseases. In some cases, this change in size is attributed to a disease that affects the liver itself, while in some cases, it points to genetic disorders, bacterial and viral infections as well as specific heart conditions.

egg plant in a bowl

It is important to note this because it is extremely unusual for one to get an enlarged liver without accompanying signs and symptoms. For this reason, it is critical that one seeks immediate medical attention because if left untreated, poses grave medical challenges for the affected person. In light of this, it must be noted that the following home remedies must only be used alongside the recommended medication and not as a replacement.

1. Bitter Gourd Juice:

Time Required: 15 Min
What You Need: Juice from 2 bitter gourds and warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Bitter gourd is a hardened fruit whose healing properties are of benefit for one with an enlarged liver. The main mode of action of this remedy is its ability to regulate the levels of blood sugar present. For those whose liver is enlarged as a result of fluctuations in sugar levels, this is an excellent home remedy. As the name suggests, the juice from this fruit is bitter. While the taste is not pleasing, the results are well worth it and this is something that one grows accustomed to.


  1. Dilute the juice using an equal amount of water to reduce the bitterness.
  2. Mix well and drink this solution.
  3. Use this remedy at least once daily.


2. Egg Plant:

Time Required: Varies depending on method of preparation.
What You Need: Egg plant
Difficulty: Easy


Egg plant is a common vegetable that is often incorporated in meals. For those with an enlarged liver, the addition of this vegetable helps restore the normal functioning of the liver cells. It is also known to stimulate the liver cells and ensure its optimal functioning. The advantage of using this remedy is that there are various ways of adding egg plant to your daily diet as indicated below.


  1. Eat egg plant daily. You may cook your meals using it, bake it or add it to different salads depending on your preferences.


3.Healthy Beverages:

Time Required: Varies from one individual to another.
What You Need: Healthy beverages in place of alcohol.
Difficulty: Varied depending on individuals.


One of the causes of an enlarged liver is excessive alcohol intake. The first culprit of this is the liver as part of its function is to detoxify and break down alcohol before it is eliminated from the body. Over a long time, this causes scarring of the liver. In addition, it causes fat to accumulate around the liver, effectively reducing its optimal functioning. Other effects of alcohol intake on the liver include inflammation and swelling. With an enlarged liver, this is one of the habits that you must break if you are to get relief from the symptoms of this condition. In place of alcohol, use healthy beverages as a substitute to enhance quick recovery.


  1. Cut down on alcohol intake and instead take time to drink healthy juices such as fresh fruit juice.


4. Start a Healthy Diet and Cut Out Junk:

Time Required: Varies
What You Need: Healthy food options.
Difficulty: Varies from one individual to another.


In addition to cutting down on alcohol, one of the most important remedies for an enlarged liver is a reduction in junk food. Junk food is calorie-heavy and often leads to the accumulation of fat in the liver. This places extra stress on the liver, and slows down the process of recovery from the enlargement. You should also reduce the amount of salt in your food. Some of the foods to steer clear of include deep fried foods, salty snacks as well as spicy food. Healthy options include bitter vegetables, low calorie foods as well as fruits. Do not forget to exclude caffeine from your diet as it also strains the liver function.


  1. Eliminate the aforementioned foods from your diet.
  2. Divide your meals into 4 to 6 manageable portions.
  3. Increase your fruit and vegetable diet as these are a great source of vitamins which strengthen the body’s immune response against infections.
  4. Drink plenty of water that will help flush the toxins and reduce the burden on the liver.


5. Chicory Plant:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Flowers/roots/seeds of the Chicory plant and 1 glass of water. You may also use dried roasted chicory root for this purpose.
Difficulty: Easy


The chicory plant is popular for its healing properties, and is one of the home remedies recommended for the natural treatment of an enlarged liver. This remedy not only increases the amount of bile produced, it also enhances its flow, effectively aiding the liver’s function by eliminating toxins present in the body. You may use the flowers, roots or seeds of the plant to extract the juice. Alternatively, prepare a cup of chicory coffee. In fact, so similar is the taste, that this plant has often been used as a substitute for coffee. Follow the directions below to make use of this home remedy.


  1. Extract the juice from the preferred part of the plant and collect in a glass.
  2. Drink this chicory juice daily to treat an enlarged liver and reduce the symptoms of the condition.
  3. If you opt to prepare coffee, simply place the dried roots in a pan and add water.
  4. Bring the mixture to boil for 5 minutes and then let the dried root steep for another 5 minutes.
  5. Strain the drink and drink daily to treat the liver.


6. Indian Gooseberry or Amla:

Time Required: 20 Min
What You Need: 3 Tablespoons of ground gooseberry, 1 tablespoon of ginger powder and 1 glass of warm water.
Difficulty: Easy


Amla is a popular home remedy used for the natural treatment of ;an enlarged liver. The reason it is effective in this is because it is a rich source of Vitamin C that helps reduce inflammation as well as prevent toxin accumulation that results from the improper functioning of the liver. Ginger is added because it compliments the function of the amla. Prepare a drink from this mixture as described below and take daily.


  1. Mix the ground amla and the ginger in the ratio of 3:1 respectively.
  2. Once well mixed, take 1 tablespoon of the mixture and place in a glass of water.
  3. Stir well and take this drink twice daily for best results.


Other home remedies that you can use for the management of an enlarged liver include papaya juice, henna powder as well as fleshy vegetables. It is also important to lead a healthy life and avoid sedentary lifestyles as these may easily lead to complications. Most importantly, do not hesitate to get medical attention for this condition in order to establish any underlying diseases for the enlarged liver.