Cellulite is a term that is used to describe the dimple-like formations on the skin. Cellulite is very common during the adolescent stage as well as in adulthood for most women. While this condition does not pose any risks to those it affects, it does cause one to be extremely self-conscious.

It is quite common for those with cellulite to select clothing that is not revealing lest the cellulite comes to light! The unsightly appearance of cellulite makes it important for the affected to find home remedies that work best while effectively getting rid of the lumpy flesh over a period of time. Cellulite is most commonly found on the thighs, buttocks and above the hip area.

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Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that cellulite does not only result from weight gain, but is also a product of hormonal changes and genetics at play. Cellulite is, simply put, fat stored in the body. It gets its characteristic appearance (that of an orange peel) from the way it is arranged and stacked beneath the skin.

This is because in women, and particularly during puberty and adulthood, the connective fibers that allow for the stacking of fat cells create a crisscross pattern. As a result, any spikes in the amounts of fat cause it to peek out of the mesh-like arrangement, resulting in the characteristic dimpling of cellulite. Below are some of the home remedies that can be used to treat cellulite and help keep the body taut and toned.

1. Getting The Right Exercise Plan:

Time Required: Varies depending on your exercise plans.
What You Need: Appropriate workout gear and a comfortable place to exercise.
Difficulty: Modest (depending on one’s lifestyle).


The right exercise plan not only diminishes the appearance of cellulite on the skin, it also gives your skin a firmer look, effectively getting rid of the tired saggy appearance. The golden rule when choosing the right exercise plan involves focusing on exercises which target the lower body. The purpose of doing so is to deplete the stored fat and replace it with muscle for a firm appearance. As with any other home remedy, it is important to be consistent to see results after a considerable period of time. Follow the directions below for the [different sets of exercise routines and stick to one that works best for you. At the onset, you will need to warm up as indicated below.


NOTE: For all the routines, you need to start by warming up using your choice exercise. Some of the options available for you in this regard include brisk walking for some 20 minutes or stationary cycling for the same period of time. If you can, light calisthenics are an excellent option too. As a general rule, each of the exercises below are to be repeated at least 10 times for each set, thrice every week.

  1. Leg pull to work out the outer thighs:  For this workout, you will need an exercise band and a mat. Tie the band around the ankles and lie flat with both arms on the surface. Stretch your legs straight above the hips and then spread them so that the band is tight. Gently part your legs the farthest that you can so that when the band becomes too tight to stretch further, this is your cue to pause and resume your beginning position. Repeat this ten times daily for 3 days every week until you notice an improvement.
  2. Side Lift + Squat:You will need ankle weights for this routine. Wear the ankle weights at the start of this routine and then stand feet apart. Place your hands on the hips with your elbows facing outwards. Bend slowly and squat as though you are preparing to sit, all the while ensuring your back is flat. When your thighs are at a right angle with the floor, pause. Flex your legs and then lift your right leg sideways. Pause once more and resume your starting position. Repeat this routine, alternating the side leg lifts after each routine.
  3.  Kickback:You will need ankle weights and an exercise mat for this routine. As a general rule in this routine, ensure that your back remains straightened at all times. Wear the ankle weights and get on all fours, making sure you use your forearms instead of your hands. Your head is downward facing at this point, but should be in line with your straightened back. Gently swing your left leg backwards and then skywards so that your thigh lies parallel to the floor. Hold in this position for 2 seconds and then resume your starting position. Switch legs and repeat this routine alternately.


2. Dry Body Brushing:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: Body brush (one with natural fibers) and warm shower.
Difficulty: Easy


Dry body brushing is believed to be one of the most effective home remedies for the treatment of cellulite. While this is yet to be proved scientifically, it is believed that the brushing improved blood circulation to the parts of the body affected by cellulite. In addition to this, proper blood flow helps the skin retain a taut appearance so that cellulite is diminished. This remedy is best combined with a warm shower for great improvement. When shopping for a body brush, look out for one that has natural fibers to avoid skin abrasion. At the onset, ensure that both the skin and the brush are dry for best results.


  1. Carefully brush your skin from the feet upwards, paying more attention to parts of the body that are covered in cellulite. It is advisable to keep the brushing motions centered towards the heart to encourage blood circulation.
  2. Do this continuously for some 5 minutes.
  3. When done, top up the remedy with a warm shower to get rid of the dead skin flakes.
  4. Use this remedy once daily until you are content with the progress made.


3. Seaweed:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: 5 Teaspoons of ground seaweed, sea salt, virgin olive oil and your preferred essential oil.
Difficulty: Easy


Seaweed is one of the most amazing remedies, and when used for the natural treatment of cellulite, it helps improve blood circulation. This not only gives the skin a healthy appearance, it also improves its texture, in turn reducing the dimpling that is associated with cellulite. Seaweed is also an ideal home remedy for smoother skin, so it has double benefits for the user.


  1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to create a paste which you can then apply topically on the skin.
  2. Massage a generous amount of the paste on the cellulite-filled skin and allow to dry for 15 minutes.
  3. Rinse off the paste during a shower and follow this up with a hydrating skin lotion.
  4. Use this remedy at least once everyday for a couple of months to treat cellulite naturally.


4. Stay Hydrated:

Time Required: Varied through out the day
What You Need: Adequate drinking water. Mint or lemon wedges (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


Staying hydrated is one of the best health habits you can take up in the search of ideal home remedies for the treatment of cellulite. One of the key ways to get rid of toxins, and by extent, cellulite, is by taking water. Here’s how it works: toxins accumulate in the fat cells which, when accumulated, result in the formation of cellulite. This is one of the body’s strategies to reduce the organs’ exposure to toxins. By taking water and reducing toxicity in the fat cells, you are well on your way to treating cellulite in its most basic forms.


  1.  It has often been recommended that the daily amount of water required for the average adult is 8 glasses, but it is important to note that this varies from one person to another depending on pre-existing conditions. This is just a general guide, but for a more accurate guideline, it is advisable to consult your physician especially if you suffer from kidney diseases.

NOTE: If you are not accustomed to the taste of ‘plain’ water, you may add a dash of mint or lemon wedges for a refreshing taste altogether.


5. Deep Tissue Massage:

Time Required: 30 Min
What You Need: A deep tissue foam roller and choice essential oil. Warm bath (optional).
Difficulty: Easy


One of the remedies which has been fronted for the elimination of cellulite is a deep tissue massage when used consistently along the exercises recommended above. this type of massage is believed to smooth the connective tissue beneath the skin, therefore reducing the dimpling of the skin in cellulite-prone parts of the body. Regular massage using this remedy prevents the rippling of the skin by ensuring the connective tissue is less fibrous and more flexible. You will need your preferred essential oil for smooth application.


  1. Warm the preferred essential oil if need be, using a warm bath for this purpose.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the oil on the cellulite-covered skin.
  3. Use the deep tissue foam roller for 30 minutes in intervals of 10 minutes with short breaks in between.


In addition to these remedies, it is advisable to eat healthy foods that are low in fat in order to prevent excessive fat storage below the skin. Reducing stress levels also goes a long way in keeping cellulite off. Do not forget to exercise regularly to effectively manage cellulite.