5 Quick Tricks To Get Rid Of Butt Acne Fast

Butt acne, sometimes referred to as ‘buttne’, is a common condition, but is probably not talked about much because it is annoying – and embarrassing.

This is especially worse during summer time when all the bikinis come out to play but you are dealing with unsightly pimples in the buttock area. If you ever ran your hand down your back only to feel rough zits on the backside, then you are all too familiar with the resulting mixed feelings.

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The thing with butt acne is that it is very common. Studies reveal that the cause of the little bumps on your butt is the accumulation of dead skin cells and bacteria in the hair follicles beneath the skin. The result is the unsightly bumps.

It is important to mention that butt acne commonly affects active women, for the simple reason that after workouts, the accumulated sweat mixes with natural bacteria on the skin, and gets lodged in the hair follicles. Consequently, the five quick tricks discussed below will help get rid of butt acne by eliminating sweat and maintaining healthy breathing skin.

1. Always Make a Point of Showering Immediately After Working Out:

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Do you have a tendency to sit in your gym clothes after a pumping work out session? You may want to desist from this habit. Experts advise that it is best to shower immediately after working out.

Failure to do this means that giving the skin a chance to soak in the sweat-filled clothes. The sweat present mixes with bacteria found on the skin’s surface, resulting in the unsightly acne that forms in the butt region.In addition to taking these measures, it is also advisable to use appropriate showering essentials.

Use a puff, loofah or sonic brush when showering. These are able to get rid of accumulated sweat and scrub off dead skin cells from the surface. This goes a long way in reducing the occurrence of acne.

This does not necessarily mean that this trick is a preserve for those who lead an active lifestyle; on the contrary, it is recommended for everyone especially those with oily skin and who are prone to facial acne.

Having taken care of the hygiene part, remember to wear clean underwear, preferably that which is made from cotton. The reason why cotton is recommended is because it allows the skin to breathe and prevents the accumulation of sweat.

2. Exposure to the Sun:

If you regularly suffer from butt acne, one of the simplest yet most important things you can do is to get some exposure to the sun on the backside.Simply head out to the backyard, the pool, the beach or any other place that you are comfortable with and lie with your back facing upwards.

The idea is to make sure that the sun’s rays fall directly on your butt. The UV rays not only help to kill germs and bacteria that are responsible for the acne, but are also therapeutic for many people.

There’s a catch however – you are required to wear sunscreen before doing so to prevent the harmful rays from damaging the skin. Additionally, it is best to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun as over-exposure could predispose you to sunburns. It is best to use this simple trick alongside any of the other options included in this post.

3. Salicylic Acid Pads:

Salicylic acid (which is the main ingredient in aspirin tablets) has been shown to be extremely effective in treating butt acne. The acid is effective because it is used to open up the skin pores and reduce the inflammation associated with the acne.

The salicylic acid is also excellent at exfoliating, which is the process of removing the dead skin cells on the surface. The salicylcic acid pads are simply cotton pads that have been filled with the acid, and are an effective trick for getting rid of butt acne. Look out for these products at your nearest chemist.

Use these pads at least once daily until you manage to keep the acne in check. In the absence of the salicylic acid pads, you can prepare a paste using aspirin tablets. Take a few tablets (depending on the extent of the butt acne) and crush them using a pestle and mortar.

Add a few drops of warm water to the ground powder so that you have a coarse paste that can be applied topically. Apply a generous amount of the paste and cover the pimples. Let the paste dry for about 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Use this solution at least once daily in order to control butt acne.

4. Natural Oils for the Treatment of Butt Acne:


In addition to these quick solutions, you can also incorporate natural oils into your treatment regimen to get rid of butt acne. Each of the oils listed below has a unique mode of action that destroys the pimples and restores the skin’s natural tone and appearance.

Some of the oils may require an addition – the carrier oil. This is advisable when using potent oils as the carrier oil dilutes the natural oil while maintaining its potency.

Some of the most common carrier oils include avocado, jojoba, almond and olive oil. Look up some of the options available below.

i) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used to treat different skin conditions, and butt acne is no exception. This oil is preferred because it has excellent antibacterial properties that fight bacterial populations on the skin. Simply apply some of the oil on the butt acne and let it stay on the skin overnight for natural treatment.

ii) Tea Tree Oil

This is yet another potent remedy for the natural management of butt acne. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties come in handy when dealing with butt acne. For this oil however, you will require a carrier oil to prevent potential adverse reactions on the skin.

Choose from any of the aforementioned carrier oils and mix it with the tea tree oil before application using some cotton wool. Let the oil remain on the skin overnight and rinse the next morning.

iii) Neem Oil

Considered one of the most potent home remedies for skin infections, neem oil is an excellent choice for the natural treatment of buttne. Its potent antiseptic and anti-fungal properties help eliminate the acne while protecting the skin from further infections. Apply the neem oil on the acne at least thrice daily.

5. Simple Home Remedies for Acne on the Butt:

In addition to the natural oils mentioned above, there are a handful of simple home remedies that you incorporate in your natural treatment regimen for the elimination of butt acne.

These are easy-to-get ingredients, most of which are already in your kitchen. Alongside each remedy are short easy steps you need to follow to get the most of these treatment options.

i) Garlic


This is your go-to remedy when you need to treat butt acne effectively. Garlic is a potent antibacterial and anti-fungal whose healing properties help kill the bacteria responsible for the acne.

All you need is two cloves of garlic (or more depending on the extent of the acne), a pestle and mortar and some warm water. Follow the simple directions below to eliminate butt acne.

– Peel and wash the garlic cloves before chopping them. You will need small pieces of garlic for the next step.
– Use a pestle and mortar to crush the chopped garlic. This is an important step because it releases the garlic’s active ingredients and increases the surface area of the remedy’s healing properties.
– Apply the coarse paste-like substance on the butt acne and allow drying for about 15-20 minutes.
– Rinse the paste off using warm water.
– Use garlic daily to get rid of butt acne.

NOTE: Fresh turmeric can also be prepared in the same way as the herb has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

ii) Raw Organic Honey

This is one of your go-to remedies for the natural treatment of butt acne. The honey’s medicinal properties not only kill off the bacteria present on the skin, but also help moisturize and maintain the skin’s moisture. Use raw organic honey for this remedy.

– Scoop some of the honey and apply it all over the acne. You may also use a cotton ball for this purpose.
– Let the honey dry for half an hour and then rinse off using warm water.
– Use the honey daily until you have the butt acne under control.

iii) Ice Cubes

Butt acne is often accompanied by soreness and inflammation which creates a lot of discomfort. To counter this, get a handful of ice cubes and follow the simple steps below to treat acne on the buttocks. You will need a clean washcloth for this remedy.

The washcloth is used to ease application as well as prevent direct contact between the skin and the ice cubes as this easily leads to frostbites.

– Place a handful of the ice cubes on the washcloth and wrap so that the cubes do not fall over during application.
– Rub the ice pack on the affected part for about 5 minutes at a time.
– Repeat this procedure until the ice cubes start to melt. Use this remedy daily.

iv) Lemon Juice

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The use of lemon juice is recommended for treating butt acne because the presence of citric acid destroys bacterial populations on the skin.

What’s more, the application of the lemon juice creates an environment that allows the bacteria and accumulated sweat to drain from the hair follicles, in effect speeding up the process of recover. You will need some cotton wool for this natural remedy.

NOTE: In the absence of lemon juice, you can always use apple cider vinegar which works just as excellently. Below are the simple steps that you need to follow for this remedy.
– Put the cotton wool in the lemon juice and soak for 5 seconds.
– Dab the wet cotton wool on the acne, making sure to massage the juice in for maximum absorption.
– Air dry the lemon juice for 20 minutes and then rinse it off using warm water. Use the remedy daily until you are able to control the butt acne.

v) Aloe Vera

Considered nature’s gift among some of the most effective natural remedies, aloe vera is effective for the natural treatment of butt acne. The gel’s antibacterial properties come in handy for eliminating pimples on your backside.

Freshly squeezed aloe vera juice also has a soothing effect on the acne, and this goes a long way in reducing the inflammation and itchiness. Overall, aloe vera gel allows the skin to heal quickly.

Use this natural remedy by following the simple directions below using a freshly cut aloe vera leaf.

– Cut the aloe vera leaf along the edges to allow the fresh gel to ooze.
– Collect enough of this gel and use a cotton ball to apply on the acne.
– Let the gel dry for a few minutes and proceed to rinse with warm water.
– Use this remedy daily to treat the acne as well as nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

vi) Oatmeal Mask

Just as the name suggests, oatmeal mask is prepared for oatmeal and is used to provide nourishment for the skin so that it recovers faster and reduces the likelihood of recurring acne.

Oatmeal is loved because it eases inflammation and is also gentle on the skin. Its exfoliation properties also help with skin rejuvenation. You will need one serving of oatmeal and two tablespoons of Manuka honey to prepare this remedy.

– Cook one serving of oatmeal as you normally would.
– Once the oatmeal is cooked and ready, add the honey and stir to mix well.
– Let the cooked oatmeal cool down before applying on the butt. This is important so as to prevent scalding.
– Apply the oatmeal and leave it for half an hour.
– Rinse with warm water and then dry.
– Use this remedy daily for best results.

Remember, at the core of treating butt acne is the need to observe proper hygiene to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dead cells on the skin’s surface. If the acne does not resolve even with these remedies, it is important to see a dermatologist to chart the way forward.

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