5 Oils That Naturally Give Your Hair A Natural Boost

Healthy hair is not only beautiful, it is also a great self-esteem booster – and for good reason. When your hair is healthy and moisturized, it adds to your sense of confidence. Getting healthy hair requires that you take care of it by using the right products and techniques. One of the best ways to do this is to use oils that will give your hair a natural boost. The best thing about this approach is that it is multi-functional, that is, the use of different oils serves different purposes.

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So, whether you would like to thicken your hair, get rid of dandruff or treat an itchy scalp, there are oils that will work the magic as naturally as possible. Another advantage of using oils is that they are more cost-effective when compared to conventional hair products. That, however, does not mean that they are used at the expense of the hair products.

On the contrary, they are used together for healthy hair. The added bonus is that what is good for hair and scalp is also good for the skin, and so you can easily combine the two. Below are the oils that will help with hair growth and healthy thickness alongside their specific benefits and how to use.

1. Lavender Oil:


Lavender oil is one of the best oils for improving the health of your hair naturally. The oil is sourced from the Lavender officinalis plant that is native to the Mediterranean. Owing to its popularity however, the plant is today grown in different parts of the world.


  • Lavender oil is packed with antimicrobial properties that are effective in fighting fungal infections on the scalp.
  • The oil soothes the scalp and speeds up the recovery process of a damaged scalp.
  • It is also effective in managing dandruff as well as adding volume to hair.

How to Use

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of lavender essential oil and mix it with your preferred carrier oil – these may be either jojoba or olive oil.
  2. Mix the two oils well and then apply on the scalp.
  3. Massage the oil mix well for effective absorption.
  4. Leave the oil mixture on for 6 hours or overnight depending on your preferences.
  5. Remember to cover your head to prevent staining and wiping off of the oil.
  6. Rinse off in the morning. Use lavender oil at least once weekly until you are content with the progress made.

2. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is, without a doubt, one of the best oils available for healthy hair. It has been used for many centuries, and even in traditional Ayurvedic treatment. It is preferred for its efficiency, affordability and ease of use.

These benefits can be attributed to the oil’s structural makeup that includes medium chain triglycerides. These include mystiric acid, capric acid and lauric acid among others. These triglycerides have a relatively tiny molecular size, which allows them to penetrate the hair follicles and nourish the hair.


  • Coconut oil prevents protein-loss in the structural makeup of the hair strands. This in turn, helps prevent hair from falling off.
  • The oil also stimulates hair growth, and is ideal for those chasing after length.
  • It prevents split ends and hair breakage.
  • It is a great way to moisturize dry hair while increasing its softness and natural shine.

How to Use

NOTE: the best way to use coconut oil for hair growth is to use it for pre-poo. This is the term for the procedures done before shampooing. This method is also known as a hot oil treatment.

  1. Place 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in a pan and turn on the heat to low. Do not use a high flame as this will cause the oil to be too hot to use during application, and increases the risk of scalding.
  2. Turn off the heat after a few minutes then take some of the oil using a spoon and massage a generous amount on the scalp. It helps to section the hair before application to make it easy to use, especially if you have very long hair.
  3. Cover the hair with a shower cap and let the hot oil treatment remain for an hour or two.
  4. Rinse the hair well and proceed to shampoo as per your hair wash routine.
  5. Use coconut oil prior to every wash.

3. Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

castor oilJamaican Black Castor oil (often abbreviated as simply JBCO) is a unique type of castor oil thanks to its manufacturing process. Unlike regular castor oil, the preparation of JBCO involves roasting castor beans for a longer period of time.

This in turn, produces a higher amount of ash that results in oil that is far darker than regular castor oil. Below are the excellent benefits of JBCO.

– JBCO is ideal for reversing hair loss, and is beneficial for anyone with alopecia.
– It is an excellent way to stimulate hair growth.
– The oil strengthens weak brittle hair.

How to Use

Just like coconut oil, one of the best ways to benefit from JBCO is to combine the two for hot oil treatment by following the simple steps outlined below.

  1. Mix the coconut oil and JBCO in the ratio 2:1 and then transfer to a pan.
  2. Heat the oil mixture on low heat – avoid using high heat because you do not need the oils hot to the point of smoking! Remember, the purpose of heating the oil is to ensure that it penetrates the scalp and hair with ease.
  3. Turn off the heat and scoop some of the oil to apply on the scalp. Massage in the oil mixture to enhance absorption.
  4. Cover the hair with a shower cap and sit in the sun for about 10 to 15 minutes. If this is not possible, simply sit under a hooded dryer for 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse the oil off thoroughly and shampoo as usual.

4. Rosemary Essential Oil:

Used globally for enhancing hair growth, rosemary essential oil is one of the best products used to give your hair a natural boost.


  • Rosemary essential oil not only improves hair growth, it is also excellent at reducing the rate of hair loss.
  • It is an excellent scalp stimulator which improves blood circulation in the scalp. This is important because it allows nutrients to reach the hair follicles, thus nourishing growing hair.
  • The oil allows for the growth of strong hair strands and has been known to slow down the graying process.
  • Rosemary oil also promotes healing for damaged scalp while managing dandruff.

How to Use

NOTE: Since this is an essential oil, it is important to dilute it before application.

  1. Add 10 drops of the rosemary essential oil to half a cup of coconut oil.
  2. Transfer the mixture to an applicator bottle for ease of use.
  3. Squeeze a generous amount of the oil mixture on previously sectioned hair.
  4. Do this until the scalp is saturated.
  5. Massage the scalp in gentle circular motions for about 5 minutes.
  6. Leave the oil on the scalp for an hour or two before rinsing and shampooing.

5. Peppermint Essential Oil:

peppermmintBest known for its soothing and refreshing properties, peppermint essential oil ranks among the best five oils forĀ great hair. This oil is extracted through steam distillation, and is extremely potent. Its distinct and pleasant cooling sensation is one of the reasons it is recommended alongside the benefits listed below.


  • Peppermint oil stimulates the scalp, resulting in the cool sensation produced. This has been said to encourage the growth of hair follicles. Additionally, the calming attribute makes it ideal for treating a damaged or inflamed scalp.
  • It has excellent antiseptic properties that help get rid of lice and treat dandruff naturally.
  • It also promotes hair growth while increasing the thickness of the dermis on the scalp.
  • The oil strengthens weak hair too.
  • Additional benefits include releasing tension, boosting the mind and allowing the body to relax.

How to Use

NOTE: This is an essential oil, so it is best mixed with a carrier oil to avoid irritating the scalp

  1. Add 5 drops of the peppermint essential oil to 1/2 cup of coconut/ olive/ avocado oil and mix well.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the oil mixture on the scalp and proceed to massage vigorously. As mentioned above, you will feel the tingling sensation. Just take care not to massage too hard to get a headache!
  3. Do this at least once weekly.

Other oils that you can add to your hair care routine include black seed oil that helps regrow bald patches on the scalp, avocado oil that is loaded with nutrients to nourish hair as well as sweet almond oil which improves the health if hair strands.

Jojoba oil is also a great option because its composition is similar to that of skin sebum which helps retain moisture on the hair. As with any natural hair product, it is important to be consistent to enjoy the benefits. Remember, if you have a sensitive scalp, it is vital to carry out a patch test before using any of the oils to avoid irritation.

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