5 Amazing Reasons To Dry Brush Your Skin Daily

Most people will brush their hair, teeth and even shoes, but rarely will they do this for their skin. But, how do you brush your skin? What are the reasons and benefits of doing so? Dry brushing, by definition, is the technique used to brush the skin in a pattern just before showering. A dry brush, as the name suggests, is used for this purpose.

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Dry brushing is a skincare technique that has gained popularity over the years as it enhances healthy skin while aiding the proper functioning of the lymphatic system. In dry brushing, the skin is brushed beginning from the limbs, towards the chest. Typically, dry brushing begins from the extremities and heads towards the heart.

There are many benefits of dry brushing, five of which will be listed below. First however, it is important to know how to do it and what brush to use.

Technique Recommended For Dry Brushing and What You Need:

You will need a high quality dry brush for this procedure. Check that the bristles are manufactured from natural materials to ensure that they do not cause abrasion on the skin.

As a matter of fact, the bristles ought to be stiff, but not overly so in order to ensure maximum benefits of dry brushing. Lastly, shop for a dry brush that has a long handle as this allows you to reach the back as well as different parts of the body.

Ideally, dry brushing ought to be done daily to get best results. If this is not possible right away, start by doing it several times weekly and work your way until it is a daily part of your routine. It is recommended that you start brushing towards the heart, and there is a reason for this.

Doing so improves the circulation system and goes a long way in ensuring the proper drainage of the lymphatic system. The good news is that you can brush virtually every part of the body, except the face and the genital areas. This is because the skin present here is sensitive, and can easily be irritated.

The only exception of course, is if you have a brush that is specially designed for this sensitive skin. In the same breath, avoid brushing irritated and inflamed skin.

Start doing this from the feet, brushing all the way up to the stomach, chest, arms and back. The most important thing to remember is to apply just enough pressure when brushing. As a general guide, the brushing should be firm but gentle.

Brushing is not synonymous with scrubbing, so look out for the skin appearance after a dry brushing session. The skin will look flushed if dry brushing is carried out correctly – and certainly not red or irritated. Dry brushing lasts anywhere between 2 – 20 minutes depending on one’s personal preferences.

Follow this up with a rejuvenating bath and apply an appropriate kin moisturizer. Having outlined how to dry brush and what to use, the list below is made up of amazing reasons why you should dry brush your skin on a daily basis.

1. Stimulation of The Lymphatic System:

One of the greatest benefits of dry brushing the skin is its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system. This is key because the lymphatic system is tasked with the elimination of waste products that come from cellular procedures in the body. This system consists of hundreds of tubes across the body whose main function is to drain the waste from the tissues and transport it to the blood for toxins elimination.

This biological procedure is referred to as lymphatic drainage. By stimulating this system, dry brushing makes it easy for the body to get rid of wastes and toxins. It is a simple yet powerful way of detoxification. Remember, the accumulation of waste and toxins in the body not only makes it likely to get infections and disease, it also slows down the optimal function of different body systems.

In cases where dry brushing is recommended as an adjunct form of therapy for different diseases, it helps prevent the accumulation of lymph fluid in the system, a condition that is known as lymphodema. If this condition is left unchecked, this type of oedema causes swelling at different parts of the body, in turn allowing the accumulation of toxins in the body.

As such, the technique of dry brushing is sometimes referred to as lymphatic massage. It is almost always accompanied by the need to use the washroom following improved drainage within the lymphatic system. Embrace simple and natural detoxification using this simple technique.

2. Skin Exfoliation:

One of the reasons why you should dry brush your skin daily is because this is also an amazing way to exfoliate. Exfoliation simply involves removal of dead skin cells and dirt accumulated to reveal glowing supple skin. As you would expect, the technique of using a firm bristled brush on the skin naturally loosens and eliminates dead skin cells.

This is important because it allows newer, healthier skin cells to come to the surface so that the skin is softer. In addition to exfoliation, dry brushing also helps to clear clogged pores.

This gets rid of dirt and grime from the skin, thus opening up the pores. It effectively aids in nutrient absorption from the skin surface. Needless to say, exfoliation is one of the first benefits that a person notices after using dry brushing for a period of time. In line with this, dry brushing also helps deal with razor burn bumps and bumps that result from ingrown hair.

It helps to use natural soap when enjoying the benefits of dry brushing. Help improve your skin’s appearance with this simple technique.

3. Increases Your Energy Levels:

Wondering how to boost your energy levels without necessarily taking on a caffeine fix? How about dry brushing to increase your energy levels? Done in the morning right before jumping into the shower, dry brushing has been shown to have immense benefits to get you started on the right footing. The reason for this is simple: dry brushing the skin stimulates proper blood circulation in the body.

When done after waking up, it revitalizes the body, skin and mind. This helps you to be more alert, and is a great thing to incorporate in your skin care routine. It is for this reason that dry brushing may not be recommended just before bedtime as it can easily interrupt your sleep routine and upset the normal process of falling asleep.

Done at any other time of the day, dry brushing is incredibly invigorating. In fact, some people find this technique to be such a great stress reliever. It is comparable to a brief and light whole-body massage. Additional benefits include easing tension in the muscles and calming the mind.

4. It Boosts Your Immune System

This benefit of dry brushing is directly tied to its impact on the lymphatic system. Lymph is a type of fluid present in the body. It contains white blood cells which are required for the body’s defense mechanism.

When the function of the lymph system is compromised, it in turn affects the immune system. How exactly does this work? A compromised lymph system means that accumulated toxins and cellular waste do not filter through the lymph nodes as they normally should.

As a result, the bacteria accumulate and this makes it easy for the body to get diseases. Since dry brushing allows proper lymphatic drainage, it indirectly allows for the elimination of bacteria and toxins effectively making the body less susceptible to illnesses.

5. Reduce Cellulite:

Dry skin brushing has been shown to have great benefits for those with cellulite. This is because the technique, used regularly over a period of time, softens deposits of fat tucked away below the surface of the skin.

Additionally, regular dry brushing helps spread the fat deposits more evenly. For many people, this goes a long way in reducing the appearance of cellulite and if often a great way to boost one’s self esteem. Studies also indicate that dry brushing may be able to deal with cellulite by getting rid of toxins that may damage connective tissue.

While this is believed to be a transient effect of the technique, regular dry brushing is, without a doubt, one of the ways to improve your skin appearance. Other benefits of dry brushing include improved digestion and better functioning of the kidney, largely due to the heightened detoxification process.

It also helps to take on a healthy diet plan alongside dry brushing as this is at the core of the detoxification process. Some of the foods which are known to enhance healthy skin include omega-3 fats, vegetables and healthy fats.

Take plenty of water to enhance the elimination of toxins in the body. Note that if there is any inflammation or other effects arising from dry brushing, you should take a few days off to monitor the condition. Alternatively, try dry brushing every other day to ease the effects on the skin.

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